From the artist to the collector hands.

We’ve all collected something at some point in our 
lives. For some people it can be sports cards while for others, stamps might be 
there go-to. You can start easy with a simple collection of rocks and work your 
way to collecting cars (if you can handle the luxury of it, of course). 

I have been a fan of the Japanese arts for many years. 
Now and for over five years I have gotten the chance to purchase items that 
reflect on the series and the art styles that I have come to like in these 
years as a fan. From manga (Japanese comics) to apparels such as keychains 
and jewelry and let’s not forget the adorable Nendoroids (figurines of 
characters), my collection also includes stickers, postcards and posters from 
different series. I also own various clothing items, mugs, blankets, CDs and 

People ask me on many occasions the reasons behind me 
collecting these items to which I always reply that supporting the artists 
behind the creation of these characters is very dear to me. These artists are often worked to the bone and by me collecting their work, it means that I can show my appreciation and support for their art and effort. It also helps that 
these items, especially the figurines, are very cute and it is just a fun hobby 
to collect them. 

I do believe that we all need a little something that 
makes us happy, for our health’s sake. For me, being able to own this 
collection means that I come home everyday to seeing characters of series that 
have shaped me to be who I am today. Having been able to purchase these 
collectables and to have also gotten the chance to exchange some of these with 
friends from all around the world means that I am not alone in this and that we 
can all have a little fun while supporting the artists we love.